Two Mobility Aids for People with Disabilities

    What are mobility aids?

    Basically, mobility aids refer to devices or products that are designed to help people who are unable to move around on their own. People who have severe medical problems that stops them to move or walk from one place to another, people in their old age, and individuals who face disability challenges, can enjoy greater freedom and independence by having these aids like an electric wheelchair and scooters. Let us focus and discuss two of the types of mobility aids.

    Electric or Powered Wheelchair

    Wheelchairs are a perfect mobility aid for patients who are suggested not to put weight on their lower limbs. Or, people who are unable to walk. A motorised wheelchair is electrically powered and can be manually propelled by the user, without anyone’s support or help.

    Powered Scooters

    Mobility scooters in Brisbane are beneficial for people with lesser or no upper body strength. Those without upper body flexibility find this type of mobility aid as a positive impact on their lives. They can move around on their own, can go to nearby places like grocery stores, parks for evening time, to community centers and more.

    These types of mobility aids are proved to be a great support to people who have disabilities or injuries, or older adults who are at increased risk of falling. With these powered vehicle products, individuals need not to depend on others, every time or all the time. They can feel and be independent to move around on their own, doing their own daily and basic works. More independence, reduced pain, and increased confidence and self-esteem are all, that individuals can feel, and experience.

    A reliable and leading supplier, Active Scooters, offers a variety of models of portable electric wheelchair and scooter for sale. The expert at the agency will help people choose the most suitable model to fulfill their needs.

    For more information, visit Activescooters.com.au.


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